The Value of an Edick Valuation Services MN Home Inspection

Each Client Is Provided With:

  • A NON-THREATENING layman's terms explanation of all of the recovered deficiencies and repair instructions when needed for homeowner performed repairs.
  • FREE Continued consulting for as long as they own their new home.
  • An estimate of the economic life expectancy of various components, mechanicals, etc.
  • The ability to anticipate future challenges.
  • Independent and unbiased opinion of apparent defects.
  • Nationally Certified (ASHI), Professional and Courteous Real Estate Inspectors.
  • The most detailed final inspection report in our industry that any reader can follow.
  • 48-hour Electronic Radon Testing Is Available for an additional fee.
  • A full list of "EVS Preferred Contractors" that can help them make repairs
  • A “Cost To Cure” for each recovered deficiency.

See Sample MN Home Inspections:


Cost of a Home Inspection

The cost of a home inspection is based on the size of the home, the apartment building, and the inspection requirements.


Performing a Home Inspection in Minnesota

EVS provides a visual observation and performance evaluation of the major working components of the home at the time of inspection. We perform building inspections on all types and styles of single and multi-family residential homes. This in-depth visual inspection typically takes 2-4 hours, depending on the complexity of the subject property, and covers over 100 various items.

Purpose and Scope of Home Inspections

EVS agrees to perform a visual inspection of the subject improvement (house) and provide the client with a written report identifying our opinion of the major deficiencies. Items not specifically included in the written report are beyond the scope of the home inspection and are not reviewed. No verbal statements by the inspector shall expand the scope of this agreement or the inspection report, nor shall such statements be relied upon by the client when solicited from the inspector at any time.

The Visual Inspection Includes Items Such as:

Sidewalks / Driveways, Gutters, Foundation, Site Drainage, and Swales, Plumbing Venting and Drainage Performance, Full Electrical Panel Inspection, Materials of Construction Inspection, Structural Inspection, Full Attic Inspection, Appliance Functionality Inspection, Central Air Condenser, and Performance Inspection/Analysis, Insulation Adequacy Inspection, Heating System Inspection, Crawlspace / Basement, Fireplace(s), Attic, Exterior, Roofing Components Performance Adequacy Inspection.

The Inspection Does Not Include Items Such as:

Underground utilities, Playground equipment, Pools, Elevators, Wells/springs, Tennis courts, Solar systems, Security systems, Septic Tanks, Drain fields, Personal property, Cosmetic items, Water softeners, Central Vacuum, Cesspools, Sprinkler systems, Appliances, Recreational appliances.
* Thermostats or timers are not checked for accuracy or calibration.
* Air conditioners cannot be safely checked when the outside temperature has been below 60 degrees within 24 hours.